Jason Natural - Do not ever buy Jason's Power Smile toothpaste!!

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

I bought Jason's power smile whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, which was one of the worst things I could have done for my mouth.I bought it because I thought using an all natural product may be better for me, this was absolutely not true!

After using this product for 8 months to a year ( not sure exactly how long I used it), I was on the *** of having periodontal disease! I am an avid flosser and brusher so this made absolutely no sense to me. I have since then switched over to mainstream brands and the problem has completely gone away!

Do not buy this please!periodontal disease is pretty serious and really expensive to fix.

Review about: Whitening Toothpaste.



I have been using this toothpaste for over a year and my teeth are whiter and cleaner. No sign of periodontal disease or gingivitis.

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